Product Presentation

Integration Payment

One code covers all payment methods
Support multiple Payment Channels
Such as WeChat pay, Alipay, Bestpay, and JDPay
Real-time Exchange Rate Conversion between RMB and Local Currency


Business Intelligence

Intelligent analysis of payment data
Analysis of payment user behavior
Visualization of platform data tracking
Diversification of report model

Solution Introduction

API Docking
Once development, Seamless docking merchant system
Reduce costs, convenient installation, security and stability
Intelligent POS
Automatic identification of wallet receivables, receipts printing, onekey refund
Real-time viewing of orders, multi-functional integration
APP Receipts
Download app, order message push in real time
Check accounts, receipts and refund functions are all available
Scan The Code
Multiple codes in one
Display the successful payment page, simple, quick and efficient

Our Target Group


Be Optimistic about the prospects of the cross-border payment market and itch to try, but don’t know how to start.


Perennial abroad and have a certain market accumulation and lack of technical support.


Professional payment companies and banks, overseas payment services are stable, but existing platforms are unable to meet business needs and high development costs.

Our Advantages

Payment link full channel and multi-layer encryption authentication which ensure seamless connection with all channels.

Distributed payment platform + global acceleration services, your customers can always enjoy stable and reliable payment services no matter in any corner of the earth.

Cross-border full payment automated settlement system, which can provide you 24 hour verification of your account to ensure zero failure rate.

The online API fully supports the full Payment Channel. Once developed, it can seamlessly interface with Alipay, WeChat pay, Bestpay, and JDPay and so on which greatly reduces development docking costs.

Transaction data tracking, strict risk control rules and anti-check mechanism ,which fully guarantee the security of each account.

Directly connect with the four major payment providers' official interfaces to ensure the official authorization and security of each channel.

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